Equipe BiOSS, Bioelectronics and Smart Surfaces. Laboratoire ITODYS, Université de Paris, site Diderot
21-22 oct. 2019 Paris 13 (France)


Printed, flexible and implantable electronics are developing fast. Researches related to materials, manufacturing techniques, components or systems are welcome in this new workshop whose aim is to help researchers and engineers of such different areas to come across, improve their knowledge and collaborate.

Why to participate ?

  • You are an academic: bring your knowledge and public fundings, gain applications.
  • You are an industrial engineer, a startuper: bring problematics, gain new materials, new functions, opportunities to participate to State and European research programs.
  • You are a prototyping platform and you want to apply new technologies 
  • You are an end-user: bring applications and market, gain new functions.


Topics range from flexible materials and printing techniques, design of systems and components, advanced printing methods and bioelectronics, to devices and end-user applications.

  • Materials (organic materials, inorganic materials, biomaterials, soft materials)
  • Printed electronics (printable inks: formulation, rheology, ink–surface interaction)
  • Printing systems (inkjet, aerosol jet, screen, gravure, offset, flexographic)
  • Advanced fabrication (nanoimprint, patterning at every scale)
  • Bioelectronics and stretchable electronics (biointerfaces, biosensors, conformal electronics, electronic skin)
  • Devices (antenna, batteries, supercapacitors, transistors)
  • Medical sensors (health monitoring, wearable biosensors and bioelectronics)
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